Let Us Take Care of Curating Quality Products While You Focus on Sales.

We recognize the challenges of crafting an ideal product through numerous trials while juggling sales and marketing concerns. We're here to alleviate your workload. While you focus on sales and marketing, we'll handle product curation and delivery. Rest assured, we've already navigated the experimentation phase and are dedicated to curating only the finest formulas. Trust us to deliver excellence.

  • Small Batch Preparation to maintain Quality:

    Our Products are curated in small batches using natural ingredients, exotic oils and plant extracts.

  • Ancient method of formulation to Curate our products.

    We use an ancient method of formulation to curate our products. We blend our carrier oils, natural dry ingredients, buds, leaves etc . Keep them in a jar and suninfuse them for 14-21 days and then use the decoction to prepare our products by using all the qualities and properties of the ingredients.

  • Certifications :

    We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. ISO 22716, Cosmetic Manufacturing and GMP Certified.

    We have recently tested our products and its Dermatologically Tested and Skin Safe.

    Small batch preparation and hand curated. We use all Naturally and Organically Certified Ingredients.

    We Do not use any chemicals, our Products are Non Toxic and Paraben Free, Cruelty Free. Non GMO.